Got Banned from the Elephant Journal Today

May 26th, 2012

So, at least i did something useful…..

Waylon is a nice guy really. I like him. But he wrote a lousy article, attacking BDSM, and citing “50 shades” as his reason. A book of questionable quality for sure, and one that he hasn’t even read.

the article is here

To which i responded:

great, so you can add lazy journalist to your bio, next to lazy yogi. You wrote a lousy, poorly constructed article about a lousy book that you haven’t even read, just to “foment discussion”. is traffic to the site so bad, that you have to stoop to attacking alternative sexualities? why the vanilla sexuality manifesto? people who are into BDSM know that it is ok to be vanilla, we actually accept people’s proclivities without paying lip service to them. What can we expect next from the elephant? a post where you talk about how its ok for you to be heterosexual, because you don’t find homosexuality “sexy” ? maybe you’ll give us examples of gay people who were molested in childhood, and use that as proof that homosexuality is somehow the activity of the damaged. Really, I think you protest too much, cause really no one cares one bit about your sexuality. You are starting to remind me of right wing fundamentalist who attacks gay people and then gets caught with a rentboy. I would not be surprised in the slightest, if some pictures get leaked of our dear waylon chained down in leather, with his junk in a hemp rope harness, gleefully licking the boot of a urdhva dhanurasana yoga goddess. and that is totally cool. you get yours waylon, you kinky freak.

So, sure, kinda incendiary, but i think i make alot of great points, and i do think that waylon would look smashing in fetish gear.

to which he responded:

Well, you can add anonymous insulter to yours.

I may remind you of a right-winger…only because you know nothing about me. I’ve written literally hundreds, upon hundreds, of gay rights posts—it’s the civil rights cause of our era, and one I and I hope the whole of our generation will play some role in setting right.

I felt like he kinda missed the point, so i wrote back:

dude, i do know you. we’ve shaken hands, and shared a laugh. If we were face to face, i would say this stuff all right too you, and I wish i could, because I’m sure you’d feel the humor and love that comes along with this particular ear beating.
you are missing the analogy. I know you love people, and you would never make homophobic posts. What I am saying is that kinky people are deserving of the same respect as people of any other orientation. I’m saying that you asserting your non-kink identity is that same as asserting heterosexual identity. its unnecessary, and it’s privileged. And it further marginalizes and stigmatizes those who are already marginalized and stigmatized.
I think you owe it to your readers to go visit a dungeon, or some other similar locale, and interview a pro domme, or someone similar, with curiosity and sincerity , and report back impartially. that would be some good journalism, brother. courageous, and hard working journalism.

But I got banned, I can’t post my response.  oh well.  so sad.  I wish i had more free time, cause i would totally photoshop waylon and the yoga goddess together in a dirty, dirty, position.

Love Ya, Brother!

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